Stock Photography

What is a stock photography?

Stock photography which Ranta Images mainly focuses is ready-to-use images that can be seen in advertising, marketing materials, blogs and for example while you are browsing your Facebook feed.

The stock photos and footage cannot be used for just anything and stock photography agencies have user rights and restrictions that protects the model and the photographer from abusive usage. The restrictions are very strict in order that abusive usage is limited to minimum.

Most professional or international models have signed model releases many times, but for people starting modeling and acting career without experience this can be something new. Model release is written in a formal language but it is just a contract that allows the photographer to legally use the pictures & footage and upload them to stock photography agencies.

What type of people Ranta Images is looking for the shootings? Real people of all ages, ethnic backgrounds, body types and looks with great personalities and interesting character.

Ranta Images is sometimes looking for fresh, new faces to use in our shoots from all ethnicities and backgrounds. Many people started their modeling and acting career shooting with Ranta Images while getting various pictures with different emotions and styles to their portfolio.

Luckily in acting and also in advertising there is more and more need for real people with different ethnic groups and body types.

As a Ranta Images model, you can look forward to a few hours shooting which will be compensated either by getting all images for your personal acting and modeling portfolio totally free of cost or in some cases instead of photos you will get hourly payment for your time instead. Getting free portfolio shooting is great way to start your path to a career in acting and modeling while Ranta Images keeps your profile for our future stock photography shootings.

All models have to sign and fill an international model release from all of our shootings and be willing to participate stills photography and video element of our shoots.

What is a model release?

A model release is a formal agreement between the model and the photographer about usage of the images and footage where the model appears. When a model signs a model release model acknowledges that photos can be used for commercial purposes.

By signing model release you acknowledge and agree that you have no
further right to additional consideration, you will make no further claim for any reason and agree that this release is
irrevocable, worldwide and perpetual. You can read model release which you must sign while we have shooting from link above.

It is very important to see how your full smile with teeth is when you are sending your application. Send few non professional simple snapshots 1. front view with and without smile 2. profile view 3. full body shot also. Example photos can be taken with phone against plain wall.

Grooming guidelines

Make up for women should be minimal – this is extremely important.
Men should not wear any makeup.
No clear pencil eyeliners etc. also when you put mascara it must look totally natural. No liquid foundations except under-eye as long as it match skin tone and looks natural on you.
Keep your hair also in natural way without styling it overtly.
Do not party or drink alcohol the night before our shooting.
For females legs and underarm shaved and also forearms if possible.
Clean your nails properly.
Have your eyebrows plucked if needed.
No accessories or jewelry including watches with any logos. Earrings for women are fine and some necklaces, bracelets etc. might be fine as long as they are very simple in design.

Clothing requirements

For shootings there is strict NO LOGOS requirement. Your clothing cannot have any logos even small ones or brand names. Even small logos in buttons are not acceptable.

Be punctual and arrive to shooting at time or little bit earlier we have agreed in advance.

Ranta Images is also looking interesting locations for our stock photography shootings. Do you have access to some great place to shoot?

Besides our studio shootings we are always interested of new places to have photo shoot. It can be your apartment, home, business location (offices, coffee shops, pharmacy, studying rooms etc.) gardens, parks and so on. Ranta Images will bring small team, camera gear and lighting, and our models take over your space for a while for shooting. We treat every location and model with respect and make sure your location is taken well care of while shooting

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